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Autumn Camargue Pilgrimage

Prayer in the Church of Sainte-Marues-de-la-Mer

Prayer in the Church of Les Sainte-Maries-de-la-Mer











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Since the twelfth century, Les-Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer in Camargue is a place of pilgrimage. The holy relics of the two Mary, Jacobé and Salomé and Sarah, the Black Madonna patroness of the Gypsies, discovered in 1448 during excavations ordered by King René are particularly venerated during two pilgrimages. View full article »

Aubades in Provence

Originally an Aubade is a song performed under the balcony of a beloved person at sunrise. From that medieval tradition comes some of the most interesting and unexpected events still running in Provençal villages: the “Aubade”.

This spectacular ceremony is taking place early morning once a year and initiates a day of celebration in honour of the designated protector Saint. If the essential meaning of the Aubade is religious, it gathers most of the inhabitants and many visitors following the cortege from house to house, admiring the beauty of costumes, listening to musicians and enjoying brunches offered by the personalities of the town.

Keepers of the tradition, some voluntary members of the community are View full article »

Feria in Arles

 Visiting Arles is a year round rewarding plan thanks to an outstanding architectural heritage, an amazing artistic History and a local Community dedicated to keep Camargue tradition alive.

Easter time is even more impressive during the Feria festival that takes place for five days all over the city centre. The “penas” (music brass bands) walk through the streets and around the Roman Amphitheatre, used for bullfighting at that time of year. Sangria drink and Spanish paella dish are served until late each night in all restaurants and temporary bodegas while concerts View full article »