saffron flowerNot many people know that Crocus Sativus, the saffron flower, can be cultivated in our European lands. Saffron is generally associated with Eastern origins, India and Middle-East. Nonetheless Provence counts many local producers of saffron and they deserve to be known. The delicate precious flower harvest is also surprizing: with early frosts comes the time to pick up by hand the purple treasure and collect flavourful pistils that will be used as much as in cooking than biotherapy. The plant blooming in Winter, who would complain to see such bright colours at that time of year? saffron based products

The finest quality of saffron is produced biologically and with extra care. Over 100,000 flowers are necessary to get 1 kilo of goods. Therefore it takes only a visit on the cultivation spot to realize the level of dedication from the farmers.  They know how to pass on their science, they share lots of tips and recipes as much as they like to welcome you on their land whatever the climate. We address a big thank you to Cécile Ceccaldi, young Producer whose property is located at the foot of the Garlaban Mountain. Next Winter, don’t forget to join our meetings & visits with local saffron farmers in Provence!

saffron farm visit harvesting saffron flowers