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Frederic Ganga

Frederic Ganga

La Ciotat is a fascinating town too often forgotten when visiting the Coast between Marseille and Toulon. By its proximity with two highly touristic villages, Cassis & Bandol, the town is rarely part of classic tours when it completely deserves a visit for a few hours or even for a whole day if you wish to enjoy beach activities as well as exploring the historic town centre.

La Ciotat 04

This is in the heart of town, two steps from the harbour, that you can encounter Frédéric Ganga, poet and town crier. This extra-ordinary Guide will walk you through the streets of La Ciotat singing and reciting texts that where written here by famous History or Legend characters. Wearing a medieval costume, he’s leading the way and share anecdotes or riddles at every places of interest: Rue de la Tasse, Grimaldi’ House, ancient fortification walls, Place Sadi Carnot, the Church, Pénitents Bleus, Place Pierre Gauthier, Rue des Poilus…

L'Eden: first movie theater in the World

crieur 03The story teller brings to life Celtic-Ligurian fighters, Greek travelers, Roman builders, Ganteaume and Napoleon ; he joyfully remind us that Cinema and Pétanque game were invented in La Ciotat and tells us how with humour and eloquence.

For one hour and a half, preferably at sunset to appreciate the visit at the coolest hours of the day, get the chance to sign up for a lively and entertaining stroll with the Minstrel of La Ciotat!

For further information about possible visits in English & French, please contact us by email cecile@tourguideprovence.com or call +33(0)669 230 857.

Happy visitors in La Ciotat

Happy visitors in La Ciotat

About Made in Provence Tours: French Tour Designers and Guides-Interpreters, Cecile & Veronique have created private and exclusive excursions in the Bouches-du-Rhone & Var areas for Guests to experience an authentic Provence, take part in workshops or genuine meetings with the local community and independent producers. Presenting the hidden gems discovered off the beaten tracks during their own traveling, they always look for authenticity and excellence and share with passion the best of what the South of France has to offer.

There are many observation points in Provence – Côte d’Azur. Most of them are hidden in altitude, some easy to reach, others more challenging. All of them are received as a true reward for walking until there! They are often nicely made in hand-painted ceramic tiles produced in local workshops. How great to observe impressive panoramic views and be able to name all reliefs around: further mountains, villages curled up into valleys, riverbeds, shore line… even sometimes to point at the direction where you are coming from wherever it can be!

Here are a few examples to invite all rambling lovers to come to our beautiful region.


May the pretty month! “le joli mois de Mai” as we call it in French… With several bank holidays everyone was longing to go to the beach and celebrate a shy arrival of the Summer season on the Mediterranean Coast. We decided to head towards the Var Area to the small village of Cavalière. A ravishing Nature was expecting us, blooming and diffusing wonderful scents! Our first walk led us along the beach up to a spectacular orchard. Surrounded by olive trees and impressive eucalyptus, the tangerine trees were lined up, crawling with bright orange fruits. The vision of such a bright colour palette enchanted us!

While walking barefoot on the sandy beach we notice a patch of land where a large number of strange little creatures stranded. Intrigued, we took a closer View full article »