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Aubades in Provence

Originally an Aubade is a song performed under the balcony of a beloved person at sunrise. From that medieval tradition comes some of the most interesting and unexpected events still running in Provençal villages: the “Aubade”.

This spectacular ceremony is taking place early morning once a year and initiates a day of celebration in honour of the designated protector Saint. If the essential meaning of the Aubade is religious, it gathers most of the inhabitants and many visitors following the cortege from house to house, admiring the beauty of costumes, listening to musicians and enjoying brunches offered by the personalities of the town.

Keepers of the tradition, some voluntary members of the community are View full article »

The outstanding event is held every two years at the colourful and lively fishing port of Sanary-sur-Mer, 12 km West of Toulon.

The “Bouillabaisse” is a fish and seafood delicacy – originally prepared by fishermen for their own Family – served in most reputable restaurants in the South of France. Prepared with strong flavour rockfish, other larger pieces and Provençal spices, the recipe requires lot of experience to master and season properly. It was only justice that present fishermen decided to refresh the old culinary tradition of their ancestors: so they are performing once again in Sanary-sur-Mer on Saturday 23rd June 2012 for more than a thousand guests to enjoy!

We have asked Jean-Michel CEI, Prime Prud’Homme and Board Director of Sanary Prud’homie Association, to explain where this ambitious project comes from: View full article »