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Véronique Flayol

Véronique Flayol

Cassis in Winter

Cassis in Winter

Many visitors worry that Provence villages shut down completely between November and Easter, and this is certainly true for some of them, dedicated to seasonal tourism. But other places remain busy and certainly winter is a good time to come to Provence if you want to avoid the flood of tourists. No worries about parking!

Provence in winter is quite far from the usual images people would have in mind such as lavender or sunflower fields.
Climate in Provence is different than the one known on the Riviera: it’s hotter in Summer and colder in Winter mainly because of the Mistral, this very cold and strong wind which blows down the Rhône Valley from the Alps towards the Coast. Good point is that Mistral guarantees a clear blue sky with glorious sunshine which helps a lot enduring coldness! The further East you go, the less strong the Mistral blows. It can even be relatively mild in the area of Toulon and Hyères. Cassis, the famous charming typical fishermen village, enjoys a pleasant year-round microclimate as well.

Picking olives in Provence

Picking olives in Provence

Winter is also time for yearly olives harvest. You can attend many popular “Olive Fairs” organized all through the region. They offer tasting sessions, culinary workshops and present stalls with local food based on olive oil (“Aioli” for example, delicious hot or cold dish made of boiled vegetables and steamed cod fish served with a strong garlic sauce)

traditional Aioli dish

Aioli dish in Provence



Good size towns such as Martigues, Saint-Remy-de-Provence, Aix en Provence, Arles or Aubagne see all their shops opened during Winter and can be considered as year round destinations. Everywhere in Provence, open air markets are still on twice a week minimum and keep their attractiveness thanks to entirely different range of products than in Summer time: parsnips, pumpkins, oranges and tangerines, apples and pears… Though the absolute star on specialists’ stalls is undoubtedly the black truffle!

"Marché aux Truffes"

“Marché aux Truffes”

Truffle season starts mid-November at Richerenches. But clever and gourmet the one who knows how to wait for mid or even end of Winter to get the “black diamonds” at their best… Many towns and villages across the inland Var disctrict called “The Green Provence” host regular truffle markets during the winter season. A good one to recommend is Aups every Friday morning.

For all these reasons and even more, we invite you to break the clichés and come to explore Provence now!