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There are many observation points in Provence – Côte d’Azur. Most of them are hidden in altitude, some easy to reach, others more challenging. All of them are received as a true reward for walking until there! They are often nicely made in hand-painted ceramic tiles produced in local workshops. How great to observe impressive panoramic views and be able to name all reliefs around: further mountains, villages curled up into valleys, riverbeds, shore line… even sometimes to point at the direction where you are coming from wherever it can be!

Here are a few examples to invite all rambling lovers to come to our beautiful region.


All visitors who came to Marseille by plane have had a glance at the beautiful “Côte Bleue” either from the air or from the car driving them into the City. Very few have taken the opportunity to dedicate a few hours of their holiday to actually explore the area. We can say it out loud today: they missed some of the greatest spots in the region!

It takes only minutes to drive from the Port of Marseille to the Estaque Hills district where impressive wild landscapes spread between the Mediterranean Sea and the “Etang de Berre”, largest soft & sea water pond in France. Behind the hills can be found the charming village of Niolon and its tiny fishing port. Getting a breathtaking view of Marseille and it feels amazing to enjoy such a remote place at the doorstep of the second largest city in France. Thankfully, environment protection policies have saved this part of the coast from overgrowth.
Standing at one of the many observation points, you will understand why this part of the coast is named the Blue Coast. Here the sea looks deeper and wider than anywhere else in Marseille. The whole landscape seems to serve the beauty and wilderness of the sea. Driving further West towards the preserved port of Méjean is one perfect example. A narrow road is going drastically up and down, like playing with drivers who can only catch a few second of the view at the time before they reach the shore.
Come visiting the pristine calanques of the Côte Bleue, you will taste the essence of Blue! Contact us for more information about holidays in Marseille.